Boca Raton, FL – June 3, 2024 – ITSM Academy, a leading provider of IT Service Management training, is proud to announce the addition of the AIOps Foundation course, to its extensive training catalog. This strategic addition reflects ITSM Academy’s commitment to providing cutting-edge educational opportunities that meet the evolving needs of IT professionals and organizations globally.

The AIOps Foundation course is designed to equip IT practitioners with the knowledge and skills necessary to leverage Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps). This innovative course covers the principles, practices, and tools required to implement AIOps effectively, enabling organizations to enhance their operational efficiency, reduce downtime, and improve decision-making processes through AI-driven insights.

“ITSM Academy is thrilled to expand our course offerings with the AIOps Foundation class,” said Lisa Schwartz, Founder, CXO of ITSM Academy and Co-Founder of DevOps Institute. “As the IT landscape continues to evolve, it’s essential that our training programs keep pace with these advancements. The integration of AIOps into our curriculum ensures that our students are prepared to meet the challenges and opportunities presented by the increasing complexity and automation of IT operations.”

The AIOps Foundation course is designed for a broad audience, including IT managers, DevOps engineers, system administrators, and anyone involved in IT operations. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of how AIOps integrates with existing ITSM and DevOps practices, the benefits it brings, and how to successfully implement AIOps strategies within their organizations.

Key topics covered in the AIOps Foundation course include:

  • The evolution of AIOps and its role in modern IT operations
  • Core concepts and components of AIOps
  • How AIOps enhances IT Service Management and DevOps practices
  • Practical guidance on implementing AIOps solutions
  • Case studies and real-world examples of AIOps in action

Registration for the AIOps Foundation course is open, with the first sessions scheduled to begin in August 2024. Interested individuals and organizations are encouraged to visit the ITSM Academy website for more information and to enroll.

ITSM Academy, Inc., is a female-owned small business, founded in 2004. Our portfolio includes a wide variety of Service Management education including ITSM, ITIL, DevOps, SRE, AIOps, Agile, Process Design, Lean/Value Stream, and Employee Experience (XLA).

… educate and inspire is not just our corporate slogan, it speaks to our core mission and goal.

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ITSM Academy Adds AIOps Foundation to Training Offerings

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