Boca Raton, FL – February 26, 2024 – ITSM Academy is proud to deliver courses prioritizing a hands-on, experiential approach to learning. Our dedication to practical application is reflected in all our classes. From the earliest days of the Academy, all classes are developed with embedded assignments and discussions, designed to bring examinable terms and concepts to life. Provide students with opportunities to apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios.

In 2004, the impactful assignment, I am the Incident™ was born from notes scribbled on a hotel notepad. This case story-based series of assignments emphasizes the importance of establishing a common vocabulary and a shared understanding of key practices, including service level management, monitoring, and event management, incident management, problem management, and change enablement.

“Bringing the fun, experiential learning back into the classroom for ITIL 4 Foundation has been a real game changer for our learners,” said Lisa Schwartz, ITSM Academy Founder and CXO. “This exercise allows our learners to turn the theory of their ITIL education into action. They return to work the day after class and have tangible, practical ideas for incremental improvements,” finished Schwartz.

The I am the Incident exercise challenges students to focus on a specific service and consider a service level agreement (SLA). Each assignment presents a scenario related to core service management practices, requiring students to make decisions and apply best practices to address challenges. These scenarios often involve determining the primary role of a practice, such as distinguishing between a service request and an incident, or figuring out how to integrate practices to achieve the assignment’s goal.

Practice Integration: The Secret Sauce

This series of assignments progressively builds on each other, providing students with insights into individual practices, their roles in the end-to-end value stream, and how they contribute to the realization of value. Some assignments are team-based, incorporating interactive learning games to encourage active participation and critical thinking. Regardless of the format, all assignments engage students in the case story, breaking down silos and emphasizing the importance of effective communication and collaboration.

These experiential assignments often become the catalyst for ‘Aha’ moments, where learners gain a deeper understanding not only of the what and why of IT service management, but the how of adapting these practices to meet their organization’s needs.

What makes this series of assignments particularly remarkable is its adaptability. The case story can be easily customized to reflect an organization’s specific context, incorporating incidents that directly impact customers and users. This real-world relevance transforms each assignment into a meaningful and practical learning experience.

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ITSM Academy (re)Enhances ITIL Foundation with Hands-On, Experiential Exercise – I am the Incident™

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