FORT LAUDERDALE, FL — March 26, 2011 – ITSM Academy, Inc. announced today the introduction of four (4) key concept workshops in their Driving ITSM Series; The Building Blocks of ITSM Process Design, Assigning Dynamic Roles and Responsibilities, Building your Service Catalog and ITSM Leadership Skills.

Each course is focused on achieving a specific milestone within an organization’s IT Service Management (ITSM) program.  Collectively, they are known as the Driving ITSM Series. 

The Building Block of ITSM Process Design is derived from the popular course Certified Process Design Engineer (CPDE).  This four (4) hour workshop introduces the building blocks for implementing and continually improving ITSM policies, processes and procedures.  It is unique in that it provides a high-level overview of proven process design concepts, while also containing hands-on exercises.  Learn More

Assigning Dynamic Roles and Responsibilities helps answers the commonly asked questions: “Who does that (what role)?” and “Where in the organization should that role reside?”  This four (4) hour course introduces a unique approach to the assignment of the vast number of service management roles, than leverages the power of the RACI model to clarify the involvement of various roles in process activities.    The concept of a Service Management Office (SMO) is introduced, along with opportunities for combining roles and justifying dedicated roles.  Learn More

Building your Service Catalog  is an eight (8) hour, non-certification workshop designed to assist organizations through the difficult journey of service modeling.  The course focuses on the definition and development of a Service Catalog.  Instructors lead facilitated discussions about service definitions, the difference between business and technical services and the form and format of an organization’s Service Catalog.  The course materials, exercises and discussion provide learners with a solid starting point and the imperative skills to continue defining their services and building their catalog. Learn More

ITSM Leadership Skills – The fundamental principle of People, Process and Technology is the foundation for a successful ITIL implementation.  Yet, historically, companies have only trained on the Process and the Technology, not the People element.  To fill this gap, ITSM Academy is offering this two (2) day course.  Learn More

Traditionally, ITSM Academy’s workshops have been delivered as on-site classes.  The alumni demand for the Driving ITSM Series will see these workshops also delivered in the public, open-enrollment virtual classroom.  (What is the virtual classroom?).

“These workshops are ‘right-sized for the right-time’ in that they are focused on the knowledge an organization needs at specific milestones in their service management journeys,” said Lisa Schwartz, Co-Founder and COO of ITSM Academy.

Driving ITSM targets the areas where most organizations struggle and provides grass-roots advice for meeting and moving beyond these challenges,” continued Schwartz.

All instructors for these courses are ITIL Experts and Certified Process Design Engineers (CPDE), with years of IT Practitioner experience.

ITSM Academy Introduces 4 New Workshops in Their Driving ITSM Series

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