Boca Raton, FL — 04/09/2018 — ITSM Academy is proud to announce the development and release of our newest non-certification course: ITSM For DevOps. This course has been built by our internal team for the DevOps Institute’s global Registered Education Partner (REP) community.  It is a drilldown course and will be offered by the DevOps Institute’s (DOI) REP community, as a complement to the DevOps Practitioner certification series courses. ITSM for DevOps is a 16-hour course that describes how to accelerate and modernize ITSM processes in support of DevOps. Let’s face it, ITSM processes have – at times – a reputation for being heavy handed and bloated. They can also be a constraint in the IT value stream; particularly in organizations adopting Agile and DevOps practices.  In this course, learners will practice and master pragmatic approaches for streamlining and automating existing ITSM processes and for handling compliance as code. DevOps doesn’t eliminate the need for controls and data. Regulatory controls and audits still exist and risks and impacts must still be managed. ITSM for DevOps introduces ways to achieve both speed and control while driving value across the IT value stream. “ITSM Academy has been building courseware for 15 years, and I know this one is the best V.1R.0 we have ever released.  It’s a great marriage of our long history in ITSM, our five years focused on DevOps and our future,” says Lisa Schwartz, CEO of ITSM Academy and Co-Founder of The DevOps Institute.  “I am truly so happy to have had the opportunity for us to develop this class.  Not just for ITSM Academy learners, but for the global DevOps community,” continued Schwartz. About ITSM Academy ITSM Academy, Inc., founded in 2003, is a full-service provider of DevOps, Agile ITSM, Process Design and ITIL education, and advice. We have been actively involved in the DevOps movement since 2012, and are proud to share Founding Partners with the DevOps Institute… educate and inspire is not just our corporate slogan, it speaks to our core mission and goal. Web | Twitter | @ITSM_Academy LinkedIn | Lisa Schwartz | LinkedIn YouTube | ITSM Academy Presents About The DevOps Institute The DevOps Institute is the global continuous learning community for emerging DevOps practices. DevOps Institute’s vision is to facilitate a community where members have access to the most innovative, inspirational and transformational DevOps content, courses and certifications around emerging DevOps practices and principles. We strive to provide content that inspires discussion, collaboration, and transformation.
ITSM Academy Announces the Launch of ITSM For DevOps
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