Boca Raton, FL — 03/30/2018 — ITSM Academy is proud to announce the launch of a new non- certification course: Value Stream Mapping for DevOps (VSM). Value Stream Mapping is a key practice for increasing flow, eliminating waste and understanding how IT delivers value to its customers. VMS for DevOps is the first in a series of non-certification “Drilldown” course offered by the DevOps Institute and is a complement to the line of DevOps Practitioner® certification series courses. The Value Stream Mapping for DevOps course provides a practical understanding and hands-on experience with value stream mapping. The course was authored by Mike Orzen (@MikeOrzen), a prominent Lean IT thought leader and author of two publications: Lean IT and the Lean IT Field Guide. “DevOps is the next step in creating flow across and beyond the IT value stream,” says Mike Orzen. “The value stream is all of the steps that are currently performed to deliver products and services to end-users and customers – whether they add value or not. Value stream mapping has been identified as a critical skill for organizations adopting a DevOps approach.” Developers and operational staff, IT managers, project managers, continuous delivery architects, security professionals, business stakeholders, and anyone involved in defining a DevOps strategy and program will find this course particularly helpful as they explore key Value Stream Mapping for DevOps topics, including:
  • Value stream mapping methods
  • Understanding how value stream mapping applies to DevOps
  • Learning to value stream map by doing
  • Common mistakes when using value stream mapping
  • Tools to apply now
“We are delighted to offer this course,” says Lisa Schwartz, CEO of ITSM Academy and Co-Founder of The DevOps Institute. “To better understand DevOps, you need to first understand Lean principles in order to understand flow. Lean helps organizations manage and improve how we create and flow customer value with the least amount of effort.” ITSM Academy will be releasing other The DevOps Institute Drilldown courses in the near future. This series of non-certification workshops “drills down” more deeply into a topic or practice that may have been introduced in another course. Drilldown courses are very focused and provide more prescriptive guidance and practical experience for the learner. Since these courses are designed as complementary “plugins” to its existing certification portfolio, courses can be delivered as bundles or as stand-alone offerings. About ITSM Academy ITSM Academy, Inc., is a female-owned small business, founded in 2004. Our portfolio includes ITIL, DevOps, Agile Service Management, Process Design and Employee Experience (XLA) education, and advice. … educate and inspire is not just our corporate slogan, it speaks to our core mission and goal. Web | Twitter | @ITSM_Academy #itil4&somuchmore LinkedIn | Lisa Schwartz | LinkedIn YouTube | ITSMAcademyPresents About Mike Orzen With a consulting and coaching career spanning more than 20 years, Mike Orzen has gathered a unique blend of lean, IT, healthcare, and operations experience that he uses to coach organizations pursuing enterprise excellence. His personable approach and people-first philosophy have inspired leaders and empowered workforces to successfully apply conscious awareness, lean management, and enterprise excellence practices in many complex work environments. He is the co-author of Lean IT: Enabling and Sustaining Your Lean Transformation winner of a Shingo Research Award, and The Lean IT Field Guide. He holds degrees from Stanford University, the University of Oregon, and is certified in management accounting, production and inventory control, project management, Agile, and Lean IT. Mike teaches with LEI, the Shingo Institute, and The Ohio State University Fisher School of Business. About The DevOps Institute The DevOps Institute is the global continuous learning community for emerging DevOps practices. DevOps Institute’s vision is to facilitate a community where members have access to the most innovative, inspirational and transformational DevOps content, courses and certifications around emerging DevOps practices and principles. We strive to provide content that inspires discussion, collaboration, and transformation.
ITSM Academy Announces the Launch of First Non-Certification DevOps Institute Drilldown Course: Value Stream Mapping (VSM) for DevOps
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