ITSM Academy is the First Company Globally to Achieve ITIL Practitioner Agree and Define Content Accreditation

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL — January 26, 2007 – ITSM Academy, Inc. announced today their ITIL Practitioner Agree and Define (IPAD) training materials have been accreditation by the EXIN certification board.  EXIN, along with ISEB, are the authorized certification and examination agencies for the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL).  ITSM Academy is the first (1) company globally to achieve this important accreditation.

IPAD is based on the ITIL guidance on Financial Management and Service Level Management.  EXIN’s accreditation requirements guarantee candidates that the training, practical assignments and the assessments are of superior quality.

“EXIN USA congratulates ITSM Academy in being the first Course Provider worldwide to be accredited for the most recent Clustered Practitioner Examination, IPAD, or Agree and Define. This is confirmation that the global Service Management community can find leadership in those local organizations with a firm commitment to advancing the IT domain and the professionals in it. It also confirms EXIN’s mission to involve all stakeholders at the local level for their valuable contributions,” said Michael P. McLaughlin, US Regional Manager, EXIN USA.

Other accolades came from EXIN International in the accreditation letter. “I would like to congratulate you on behalf of EXIN International; it is a true achievement to be the first in the world to become accredited for IPAD. More importantly the audit has proven that the course material is of high quality, which is very beneficial for students. We are pleased with your contribution to stimulate new developments in the IT Service Management certification structure,”  wrote Ellen van den Berge, EXIN International B.V.

“ITSM Academy is excited to be the first organization to have earned this accreditation,” said Jayne Groll, President of ITSM Academy.  “The course requirements, as laid out by EXIN, make this a very interactive and interesting course.”

“Our Alumni and Clients have been clamoring to attend this course, as it teaches critical areas of IT Service Management, at a level that no other course offers.  We will be delivering in both in our Public Training Center and on the road in Corporate Classrooms across the United States,” continued Groll.

This week, several ITSM Academy Instructors are attending the EXIN sponsored IPAD Pilot Workshop.  This will allow the Academy’s instructors to sit, and pass, the IPAD exam.

“This means the instructors for this course are ITIL Service Managers, who also hold their IPAD certification,” explained Groll.

ITSM Academy is the First Company Globally to Achieve ITIL Practitioner Agree and Define Content Accreditation

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